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29,09,23 8:00 pm 30,09,23 5:00 am

SIL / Sōllvic / Special DFX b2b DB / Frisø

23:00 SIL
00:30 Sōllvic
02:00 Special DFX b2b DB 
03:30 Frisø

Sōllvic fell in love with electronic music since a young age. He likes to share his passion and love for music with others in any form. In 2021 he moved from Amsterdam to Enschede. Since then he is a more known name in the techno scene of Enschede. If he had to name some Dutch inspirators it would be ROD & Steve Rachmad. With a first release coming up end 2023 he is one to keep in mind for the future.

Frisooo: Get ready to be swept away by relentless rhythms and industrial-infused soundscapes as Friso takes you on musical journey. From hard groove & industrial to hard techno, he delivers an electrifying experience every time.

Speciale DFX The maestro of acid techno beats. With a signature sound that pulses with energy, Special DFX takes you on a mind-bending journey through the realms of electronic music. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where squelchy synths and pounding rhythms reign supreme. When Special DFX steps behind the decks, expect an experience that’s nothing short of transcendent. Get ready to dance to the hypnotic groove of acid techno with Speciale DFX at the helm.

DB From Record Store Enthusiast to Hypnotic Industrial Maestro.

Starting his journey in record stores at a young age, DJ DB has evolved his style from hypnotic techno to the realm of industrial beats. Tonight, he kicks off a bit earlier, leaning towards the hypnotic side. Anticipate a blend of hypno-infused rhythms with a touch of raw intensity. Get ready for a mesmerizing musical experience with DB at the helm.

SIL replaces Luke Filewalker

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