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03,11,23 9:00 pm 04,11,23 5:00 am

Hard techno: Strange arrival/KAR!N/NØAH

Every first Friday of the month it’s PRSPCT night at Spacebar!

This Friday we focus on hard techno, with PRSPCT artist Strange Arrival. Expect hard and industrial techno. Our very own KAR!N from Enschede will open the night and get you on your dancing feet. PRSPCT is operating from Rotterdam, and is one the world’s leading brands in the harder styles of underground techno, industrial, drum’n bass and hardcore. Skeefrave resident NØAH will close the night with bangers only : )

Strange arrival
With the rest of the hardcore scene focused on breaking speed limits, Strange Arrival is slowing things down to a grind. Driven by the desire to explore and expand upon the sounds of the past, and with a background in sound design, this young Dutch producer creates music that works both on and off the dancefloor. Harsh industrial rhythms found sounds and gloomy atmospheres define his unique sound, which has landed on respected labels such as Love-Hz, Heresy, Genosha and Meta4 Recordings since his production debut in 2015.

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What chaos will she bring this time? One thing is for sure, it will come with brutal noise. 

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a dynamic DJ and mastering engineer, is celebrated for his high-energy sets and meticulous work. With a penchant for fast-paced genres, NØAH captivates audiences, making them dance. He’s a sought-after mastering engineer, praised for his precision and collaborations with top artists like 3.2km, Toxic Machinery, and Luca van Oss. His work is endorsed by Sindex, Innergate, and the iconic Club BASIS in the Netherlands. NØAH’s innovative music style and commitment to pushing boundaries and BPMs have made him a trailblazer in the electronic music scene, consistently redefining expectations in live performances and studio work.

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