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17,11,23 9:00 pm 18,11,23 5:00 am

Popronde is an initiative of the Popnauw Foundation and is a national traveling festival that takes place every autumn from September to November in about 40 cities throughout the country. Popronde offers (yet) unknown acts the opportunity to present themselves outside their own region and gain intensive touring and playing experience. The programming is not tied to a musical style and provides an overview of what is happening in the field of live music – outside the mainstream – in the Netherlands. From metal to hip hop, from singer-songwriters to drum ’n bass, from rock to blues; almost every genre is represented.

Ancient Brother
DJ Ancient Brother is one of the aliases of Hans Beuzel, born in 1964 and thereby one of the oldest local DJ’s still alive. He also plays under the name of Dr. Anders, DJ Voortgeld or DJ Onderop – all silly dutch names. As DJ Ancient Brother he shows his most adventurous side, this Friday with the punky side of electronic music, de electronic side of various forms of new wave, some rollin’ drum ‘n’ bass, funky techno and raw Arabic music. Or something like that. It’s gonna be a alternative party like you haven’t had in a long time.

SHAM is the name for the historical region of Syria. ZON means hope. The band around top 10 hit producer / masterful keyboardist Abdul Rahim Al-Saleh (عبدالرحيم الصالح) makes music from the Arabic tradition. Sparkling, hypnotic & super danceable. Sounds like Rizan Said, Altin Gun and Omar Souleyman in 1 live band with western dance influences.

Toto Boroto
Toto Boroto is the sound coming out of someone’s bedroom in a hallway at a party thrown by somebody who is a friend of the person you met a few hours ago at the gas station out of town. Five-piece bedroom-pop from Amsterdam. Sometimes mellow, sometimes loud.

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