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28,10,23 9:00 pm 29,10,23 5:00 am

Free welcome shot / costume contest / Artists: Daddy Mullet / Jay Minimal / Deets

23.00  Daddy Mullet
01.00 Jay Minimal
03.00 Deets

Dress to express,
Enter our costume contest!

The 3 winners will be announced at 1:00am. The winners get 2 Free entrances to future Spacebar Club Nights and 1 free drink!!!

Daddy Mullet
Business in the front, party in the back! DJ DADDY MULLET aka your favourite DJ in Enschede (and the rest of Europe) is here to make you feel good. This Halloween, expect a spooky selection of acid, progressive house and hardgroove techno to kick off our unholy night. Be sure to come early to initiate our evening ritual!

Listen here >

Jay Minimal
Enschede’s evil wizard Jay Minimal is ready to cast his diabolical spell on us. Drawing influence from all corners of the electronic world, he will send you through a portal into new dimensions. You don’t want to miss when Jay unleashes his monstrous sound on us!

Listen here >

To end our All Hallows’ Eve celebration with a bang, we have the incredible Deets from Groningen! Deets manages to consistently captivate dance floors with a finely honed combination of thorough, layered mixing and devil-may-care experimentation. Always looking to extract the best of every sound, blending them to open unexpected roads to destinations unknown, she meanders with finesse through genres like (underground) techno, bass and house to uncover buried gems – always adjusting to the setting and mood to leave a lasting impact on the crowd. You’ll be cruising on fat basslines, old-school grooves, and infectious percussions, with some uplifting vocals and a sprinkle of funk to liven up the ride. End station undisclosed.

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