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Yash / Stuntman Bart

Together with Yash, the men are unstoppable and often create a wild dance floor. Craziness, fun, cool patterns, bouncing beats and deep atmospheres are guaranteed this evening.

Just like Stuntman Bart, Yash loves mechanical repetitive blips and blops in all kinds of shapes, sizes and rhythms. From Detroit techno to hard acid, Yash is a jack of all trades and loves bouncing beats that move you. The Spacebar is the perfect place for this cyber techno enthusiast!

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Stuntman Bart comes from Nijmegen, a city with a rich techno history. Stuntman is inspired by Detroit and plays vinyl just like the old Detroit legends. Energetic, melodic, spacey and turbulent techno beats and vibes will get your feet off the floor!
Stuntman likes to draw outside the lines and does not allow himself to be restricted.

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